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Tippd 2.3 – Release Notes

Rollover Support – There is a new setting available to enable Rollover on game creation.

In a game with Rollover enabled, there are 2 settings with slightly different behaviours:
If all remaining players pick a losing team (or a Bye due to abandoned/postponed)

Yes, No New Buy-In – A new game is Created with the Rollover badge, and all Players are automatically back in the game.
Yes, New Buy-In – A new Game is Created and all existing Players are invited to join again. The game will show up in the Action Required section.

Read a detailed post about the Rollover Feature.

Custom Leagues  (Beta) – This feature allows you to setup and manage your own custom data feed.  When creating a Custom League it is your responsibility to enter in all Fixtures and Results accurately. Learn more about Custom Leagues here

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