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After many requests from Users, we have implemented the Rollover feature into Tippd for Last Man Standing games. Please note it’s a new feature and currently Beta so please let us know if you find any issues, or if you have any suggestions.

The Rollover comes into play when all the remaining participants are eliminated from the game in a given week because all the chosen teams either lost or drew their matches. When this occurs, rather than letting the remaining players have another go the following week, declaring the competition void or ending it prematurely, the Rollover feature allows the competition to continue. The main thing to know is that when a Rollover is triggered, ALL players are back in (or invited back in) – keep reading to get more details on our implementation.

Here’s an overview of how the Rollover works in a Last Man Standing (LMS) tipping competition:

Important Note: To enable Rollover, the Admin must configure the Advanced settings during the Game Creation and explicitly enable the Rollover feature.

There are 3 options:

  • No – Rollover is Disabled.
  • Yes, No New Buy-In
  • Yes, New Buy-In Required

Yes, No New Buy-In
When this option is selected, any Rollover being triggered immediately ends the current game and a new game is created. All players from the current game are back in the new game, which will show up in the My Games section with the Rollover icon/indicator.

Yes, New Buy-In Required
With this option the main difference is that when a Rollover is triggered, the new game is created and all players from the current game are invited back into the new game. They will receive a push notification and/or email (if enabled) advising them that they are able to join the Rollover game. Non Admin players will see a new section on the My Games page which has the headline “Action Required” and they must click Join and accept the new Buy-In. The Pot from the previous game (and any other Rollover games in the history) is included in the new Rollover game.  Any players wanting to Join a Rollover game, who were not part of the preceding Games will be able to Join , however their Buy-In will need to match the total Buy-In from all other Players in the Games History.

Games List:
Whichever Rollover option you choose, any Rollover games will show up as a new listing in your My Games list (with the same game name) however there will be a Rollover icon indicating that it is a Rollover and a number indicating which Rollover it is. The game can Rollover infinitely until a winner is determined or there are no matches left in the season.

Note: For any Rollover game that is creating , a new unique share link is generated.


Rollover Trigger: Once a Round is complete where all the remaining participants’ chosen teams fail to win (i.e., they all lose or draw), a Rollover is triggered. This is a situation that usually indicates a high level of unpredictability in the matches for that specific week.

The newly created Rollover games follow the same Rules as the original game. You can view the Game Rules from within your Game Dashboard, or view them online here

Winner Determination: The Last Man Standing in the competition is the participant who survives until the end by successfully predicting a winning team every week. If multiple participants reach the final week and all pick winning teams, they can be declared joint winners, or your Admin may come up with their own method for dealing with a tiebreaker another way outside the app to determine the ultimate winner.

Some examples for tie breakers:
– Setup a 1-3 Round Predictor game (in a different Sport)  with the tie-breaker participants, the Player with the highest score wins.
The Rollover feature adds excitement, intrigue and longevity to the LMS competition, making it even more challenging for participants to outlast the others and emerge as the victor (plus the Pots can get quite large!)

As mentioned this is a new feature so if you find any problems or have any feedback, please contact us.