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Game Settings

Game Setting
Game Name The name of your Game
Starting Round Specify the round which your Tippd game should begin.
Rounds To Play (Predictor Only) Select the number of rounds you’d like to play. This allows you to play the entire season, remainder of the season or you may choose to setup a mini game for just 3 rounds etc.
Play For
Fun –  No Buy-In or Pot, play for fun.
Pot – Admin sets a Buy-In, each Player who joins the Pot will increment. A Starting Pot can also be set which is added to the Pot.
Fixed Pot – There is a fixed Pot to win, set by the Admin. The Buy-In can be any amount (including 0)
Show Player Tips
After round has commenced – You can only see other players Tips after the first match in the round commences.
After you have Tippd – You can see other players Tips as soon as you have made your own pick.
At all times – You can always see all players Tips at all times.
Allow Tip Changes
No – Your Tip is final, once you make your pick it is locked.
Yes – Players can change their tips at any time up until the cut off time before the round commences.
Rollover Enabled (LMS Only)
No – No rollover occurs (This is the historical way that Tippd LMS games have been run)
Yes, No New Buy-In – A Rollover will automatically occur when all remaining Players select a losing team. All players are back in to the new Rollover Game automatically.
Yes, New Buy-In Required – A Rollover will automatically occur when all remaining Players select a losing team. All existing Players are invited to join the new Rollover game, they will need to accept the new Buy-In and the existing Pot from the current game will move to the new Rollover Game.
Click here to learn more about the Rollover feature.
Admin Can Manage Tips
No – All Players must register a Tippd account and join the game themselves.
Only Offline Players – Admin can add Players manually to the Game and submit Tips on their behalf. Players who join themselves using their Tippd account must make their own selections – the Admin cannot alter these Players picks.
All Players – The Admin can modify all Players Tips. Note: that if you have the “Allow Tip Changes” set to “No” , even the Admin cannot change the picks after they are first submitted.
Allow Chat
Yes – Chat is Enabled for this Game. Accessible from the Game Dashboard.
No – Chat is Disabled for this Game.