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Euro 24 Data Feed Issue


We are aware of an issue that may occur if you were part of a game which has the “Allow Tip Changes” setting set to “No”.
When the previous knockout rounds of the Euro 24 completed , our data feed provider had only published 2-3 fixtures for the round of 16.
Some players submitted their tips for the round before all fixtures became available and since the Game Settings were set to not allow tip changes, they were unable to submit selections for the remaining games in the round.

We apologise for the issue, we rushed to get the Cup format out in time for the Euro’s and this was a scenario we didn’t cater for.

If anyone is part of one of these Predictor games, please feel free to contact us via the Feedback button on your Game Dashboard and you can manually submit you picks for remaining games in this round.
Make sure to send them before the match kicks off for it to be valid and also please make sure to use the feedback option on the Game Dashboard, not the Main Menu – as it will let us know which game you are referring to.

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