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Account Creation

When creating a Tippd account, you should know that your account is linked directly to your sign in method.  If you cannot see games that you are a part of, please sign out and sign in with the original method you used to sign up. E.g. if you cannot see your games whilst logged in with Google, please sign  out and try again with Facebook or vice versa. Read more here

Sign In Options:

  • Sign in with Email – Use this to create your account with your email address and password.
  • Sign in with Apple – Use your Apple account credentials to setup your Tippd account.
  • Sign in with Facebook – Use your Facebook credentials to setup your Tippd account.
  • Sign in with Google – Use your Google credentials to setup your Tippd account.

There is currently no way to migrate Games or Game History between accounts, if you would like to switch sign in methods we suggest you finish any currently active games on your existing account and setup a new account before joining any future games.

With the release of Tippd 2.2, Admins are able to setup Offline Player accounts and submit Tips on their behalf – see the in Game help for more information.


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