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Rules – LMS

Each round, you simply select 1 team to Win. If your team wins you are through to the next round. If your team draws or loses, you're out!

Changing your picks is only possible if the Admin enabled it - see the 'Game Info' section of your game.

Once you have selected a team, you cannot use that same team again in the current game

If you forget to pick a team, you can only remain in the game if all other remaining players select a losing team in the round

The game continues until there is 1 player left standing, who is declared the winner

If there are no more rounds/matches left in the season for that league, the remaining players are declared joint winners

If a match is Abandoned, Cancelled or Postponed and you selected that team in the round it is deemed a Bye

<b>CONDITIONAL RULE:</b><br/> If all Active Players choose a team that Loses, Draws, or is considered a Bye for their selected matches in the round: <br/> - When Rollover is <b>Disabled</b>, all <b>remaining</b> players continue to the next round. <br/> - When Rollover is <b>Enabled</b>, a Rollover game is created and <b>all</b> players can play on.

You cannot win the entire Tippd game due to a bye (i.e. Abandoned, Cancelled or Postponed), the play will continue until someone wins outright.