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Cup LMS Released

Tippd is introducing a new format for Tournament style Last Man Standing (LMS) games, just in time for Euro 2024.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to install the latest version of Tippd (2.8) from the App store or Google Play to be able to Create and participate in Cup LMS games.

NOTE: As of the 31st May we added the option to select from 2 different rule options once you reach the Knockout Stages, see below.
Any game created before this date will have defaulted to Rule #2 Any team for knockout rounds (which was the documented rules up until 31st May). Contact us if you would like us to change your existing game’s Knockout Rule.

The “Cup LMS” format follows the traditional LMS rules but with 2 options for Game Rules during the Knockout stages.

#1 Reset teams for knockout rounds (Default) – Once you have selected a team, it is no longer available during the group stage. Once the knock out rounds are reached, the teams selection are reset and all are available again. Once you have selected a team in the knockout rounds, it is no longer available during the remaining knockout rounds.

#2 Any team for knockout rounds – Once you have selected a team, it is no longer available during the group stage. Once the elimination/knockout stage is reached, all players can select any team in each round, regardless of if they used the team before.

Rollover is not available in Cup LMS games.

Predictor is also available for Euro 2024, just create a normal Predictor game and you will see Euro 2024 as an option.

This is experimental – we’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions on future rules as we will continue to make this available for major tournaments and World Cups.

You can view the rules here.

Note that all match results are decided off the final score including extra time and penalties.