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Account Migration

This notice only applies to users who currently use Facebook, Google or Apple to sign in. If you use an Email/Password already, you can disregard.

Due to recent issues with Facebook login which left a number of users unable to access their accounts, we will soon be requiring that all users have an email/password linked to their account.

In the coming weeks, if you are signing in using Facebook, Google or Apple you will be prompted to add an Email/Password to your account (see screenshot).

Over time we will phase out the Social logins and simply use Email/Password as the sole sign in method.

As you may be aware each sign in method is linked to a unique account in Tippd – this is due to some technical decisions made very early in the development of the app. Having unique accounts per sign in method has created quite a few headaches and confusion over the years so by consolidating everyone to use email/password we should stop these issues happening in the future.

Note: If you try to add an email/password and receive the “Migration Failed” error as per the screenshot, read below.
This error occurs when you have previously signed in with Email/Password – this may have been by mistake when trying to access your account. If you select the FORCE MIGRATION option you will lose access to any games you may have joined with the Email/Password account, but moving forward you will be able to login with the Email/Password that you just set and it will be accessing the same account as the Social Login you are currently logged in with.

Contact us via the Feedback page in the app if you are still having troubles.